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Video Box
Rating: 5.0
Review Added: 11-07-2007
Categories: mega sites
Review: Prepare to be blown away. If you're looking for porn videos - LOTS of porn videos - then Video Box is the place to go. With 2500 DVD titles - which is over 10,000 videos - and daily updates, this site has to be the best bang for your buck on the entire internet. I don't usually say things like this, but I've just never seen a site this big before - and big isn't the entire story.

Video Box is highly searchable. You can browse by category, studio, star, series, date or you can type in whatever keywords you like in the search box and see what comes up. The site is also very easy to navigate with a clean, easy to use layout that gets you right to the porn.

The videos are offered in WMV format, and if you have the premium membership - which is under $20 a month - then the best quality vids are shown at 720x480 with a bitrate of over 2000k - often over 3000k. This means good video quality. And for those who are either impatient or on slower connections, each video is offered in several smaller sizes as well. All vids can be downloaded as full scenes, or if you prefer you can use their handy online tool to create your own clips on the fly.

Video Box doesn't offer extras or pics, but they do add 6 full DVDs worth of content every day. That's 42 DVDs per week or over 100 full scenes every single week.

The bottom line here is that as long as you're not looking for exclusive content or huge collections of very niched videos, Video Box probably has what you like, and lots of it. It's one of the biggest porn sites on the web, offers the most updates of any site I've ever seen and has very good quality videos, too. Of course, there's a slightly less expensive monthly membership, but for the difference of $8 per month, members get access to the high quality vids. Believe me, it's worth the difference - especially considering the higher priced membership is still cheaper than most porn sites on the web.
  • Massive video collection
  • Videos are downloadable
  • Vids are big and good quality
  • No DRM used
  • Great search features
  • 6 full DVDs added every day
  • New tour isn't working quite right
Video Details: 10,000+ videos which are scenes from 2500+ DVD titles, best quality vids are shown at either 640x480 or 720x480 with a bitrate of over 2 Mbps plus 3 more speeds, full scenes offered or you can create your own clips, videos are downloadable, no DRM used.
Pic Details: No pics.
Extras: None.
Issues: None.
Prices: $ 9.95 - 1 month recurring (without highest quality videos)
$17.95 - 1 month recurring (includes highest quality videos)
$99.51 - 10 months non recurring (includes highest quality videos)
Site Chief Focus: Videos
Score (out of 5) Description
4.5 Content Quality
Many videos are very good quality, however classic and older vid quality is only as good as the original vids were.
5.0 Content Quantity
Over 10,000 scenes and growing every day
5.0 Updates
6 full DVDs added every single day
5.0 Honesty
The tour accurately shows and tells everything the site has to offer.
5.0 Presentation
Good looking and functional site.
5.0 Value
here will you get a better deal than 2500+ DVD titles for under $20 a month?
5.0 Overall
Site rating, not an average.