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Money Talks
Rating: 3.0
Review Added: 08-26-2008
Categories: reality
Review: Money Talks is one of my favorite sites. It's fun, sexy and different. Not only is Money Talks a reality porn site - it's also a stunt show. The hostess or host approach people on the street or the beach or anywhere and offer them money to shave their heads, show off their tits or ride a motorcycle dressed to look like a pussy up a ramp through fireworks and into the ocean. In the latest episode, two girls get paid to race up a flight of stairs - naked! Or how about the big titty weigh-off? I'm sure you get the idea ;)

There are currently 32 episodes of Money Talks, each available to download or stream. You can download the movies as WMVs in 4 parts or in short clips that are shown at 480x360 or you can go for the gold and download the full scenes, which are shown at 720x480 and are pretty good quality. Or for those who don't want to save the movies, they can be streamed either in 4 parts or in 1-minute clips that are available as WMVs or MPGs.

Money Talks episodes also include 2 sets of pics - one set of vidcaps, which are pics taken directly from the video, and a set of digital stills. The digital stills are amateur to good amateur quality and shown at around 600x90. The vidcaps are shown at 720x480, and are about average for vidcaps, which means a little under amateur quality. The advantage of the vidcaps is you can see exactly what happens in the video if you'd like a preview. All pic sets can be downloaded in zip files.

Money Talks only adds 2 episodes per month. That's because there's a lot more to setting up an episode than just setting up a cameraman and a couple people who want to have sex on camera. Each episode goes on location and has at least a couple stunts as well as hardcore sex, and each episode is over 40 minutes long, so there is over 16 hours of videos at the current time. And for those who want more, full members of Money Talks get access to an entire network of 21 more reality porn sites featuring niches like big tits, lesbian sex, latina, Milf porn and lots more! There are 2 - 3 updates per every single day, adding up to 20 updates for the current week. Plus there is an exclusive live cam show so that network members get to see girls from the sites live - this week, there's a show every day from Monday through Friday.

Money Talks is a one of a kind site that combines reality porn with reality TV. The stunts are funny, there's plenty of tits and ass, and there's plenty of girls willing to show their tits or suck a cock for money. Sure, the sex part of the "show" is probably staged, but that's okay with me. Videos are downloadable, and there are currently 32 episodes with a new episode added twice a month, and there's plenty of bonus reality sites for those who want more bang for their buck. If you love watching porn and reality TV, why not combine the two and check out Money Talks!
  • Exclusive content
  • Fresh original concept
  • Videos are downloadable with no DRM
  • Vids are over 30 minutes each
  • All episodes are dated
  • Vids could be higher quality
  • Only 2 new episodes per month
  • Some ads could be mistaken for content
  • Trial members do not get full access to site
Video Details: 32 exclusive videos, videos can be downloaded in WMV format in 4 parts shown at 480x360 at average quality or as a full scene shown at 720x480, streaming versions available in 4 parts or 1-minute clips in WMV or MPG, no DRM used.
Pic Details: 32 exlusive pic sets and 32 sets of vidcaps, digital stills shown at about 600x900 at amateur to good amateur quality, vidcaps shown at 720x480 at average vidcap quailty, no slideshows, all pic sets offered in downloadable zip files.
Extras: 21 bonus reality sites in same network, several network live shows per week.
Issues: Some ads can be mistaken for content, trials recur at $15 per month more than regular monthly memberships.
Prices: $4.95 - 3 days recurring at $39.95 per month
$24.95 - 1 month recurring
$69.95 - 3 months non recurring
Site Chief Focus: Videos
Score (out of 5) Description
3.0 Content Quality
Video and pic quality is pretty much average porn quality.
3.0 Content Quantity
There are currently 32 episodes, but they're over 30 minutes each adding up to over 16 hours of videos.
2.5 Updates
2 episodes added per month - wish it was more!
3.5 Honesty
I'd give this a higher score but the tour seems to foruc on the sex and sexual stuff and ignore the non-sex stunts.
3.5 Presentation
Layout is nothing spectacular but it all works. One thing - watch out for the ads on the right side of the main page and galleries as they look a little like content.
3.0 Value
I'm giving this a little higher value score than I usually give a site this size because of the unique content as well as the reality porn bonus sites.
3.0 Overall
Site rating, not an average.