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Hippie Goddess
Rating: 4.0
Review Added: 09-08-2008
Categories: amateur
Review: Hippie Goddess is a site like no other. If you're tired of Barbie doll babes and seek unshaved natural hippie chicks, you're not alone. The owners of this site say it best on their tour "Hippie Goddess is a celebration of the natural, alternative, erotic, female form and spirit." The models here dance, pose and express themselves with flowing hair and scarves, naked as they share their bodies with the camera.

While Hippie Goddess has, for the most part, broken the mold of what erotica and porn sites are supposed to be, their member area is still easy to use. There's a navbar running across the top of the page followed by latest updates on the right and coming attractions on the left. Each update includes a thumb and date added, and you can contiue to browse the updates in date order by hitting the next button. Everything is well laid-out and easy to use, although I had to click each button on the navbar twice to get them to work.

Before we get to the facts and figures, let's talk more about the models and the site. I love the women of Hippie Goddess! Sure, if you love unshaved girls with hairy pussies and armpits, you'll love the women here. And for those who crave real women with natural bodies rather than perfect, enhanced glamour models, this is definitely the place to be. But this site is almost like performance art, too - the chicks here move and dance and share their joy in living with the camera, and that's not something you can say about a lot of sites. There's a wonderful vibe at Hippie Goddess of femaleness and of innocent and beautiful nudity.

There are currently over 450 pic sets at Hippie Goddess - it's kind of hard to count since the pic sets are listed by model, but there are around 8 - 10 photo sets added per month. There are over 100 models, most with over 3 photo sets and many with 5 or more. There are also 38 videos, with 1 or 2 added per month.

The pics range in size from 519x545 up to 1200x1600, and most are good amateur quality or better. The sets are large, most with over 100 photos, and the pics themselves capture the women in all their glory. I was happy to note that all the pic sets are offered in zip files. Many of these pic sets are shot outdoors in forests, lakes, beaches, even backyards - that means not only beautiful scenery, but also lighting that shows off the models very well.

Videos are relatively new to Hippie Goddess. There are 38 of them, all offered in WMV format. They're shown at 480x360 with a bitrate of around 1 Mbps, and they look good. The movies can be streamed or downloaded, and if you enlarge them to 200%, they lose little or no quality. If you go full screen with these videos, you will notice some loss of quality, but at 1024x768, the videos are still very watchable with good sound and original music from indie bands.

The Hippie Goddess videos show girls dancing, trailing scarves or shawls, looking either joyful or introspective. There are also vids of girls wading, stretching, playing. They are mostly nude, unshaved and natural, and seem to love showing off for the camera. Some of the videos feel almost psychedelic as the girls swirl to the music.

Hippie Goddess finds natural hippie chicks who want to be naked and free in front of the camera and brings them to us in original pics and videos. The models here are unshaved and natural - the site has plenty of bush and features the beauty of women who aren't surgically enhanced. Expect long, flowing hair or dreadlocks, and real hippie amateurs. There are over 450 photo sets, 38 videos and the site updates twice a week, so there's always more to see. If you're looking for hardcore porn or spread pussies, this may not be the site for you, but if you're looking for unshaved hippie girls, Hippie Goddess will make your wildest dreams come true!
  • Exclusive content
  • Beautiful unshaved hippie chicks
  • Frequent regular updates
  • All pic sets available in zip files
  • Original music from indie bands on videos
  • I'd have loved to see more videos
  • No way to browse pics by set
  • Annoying Flash navigation buttons
Video Details: 38 exclusive videos in WMV format, shown at 480 x 360 with 1.06 Mbps bitrate, good amateur quality, good sound, videos are downloadable full scenes, no DRM used.
Pic Details: 450 original photo sets, older pics shown at around 519x545, newer pics shown up to 1200x1600, good amateur quality or better, no slideshows, zip files available for all sets.
Extras: Blog, art pics.
Issues: Occassional issues with Flash menu.
Prices: $27.95 - 30 days recurring at 25.00 every 30 days
$27.95 - 30 days non-recurring
$45.00 - 60 days recurring at 40.00 every 2 months
Site Chief Focus: Pictures
Score (out of 5) Description
4.0 Content Quality
The videos here are good quality and most of the pic sets are good or very good, although a few of the oldest sets are amateur quality.
4.0 Content Quantity
450+ original photo sets, 38 videos - since the focus here is on pics, I think this site deserves a 4.
4.0 Updates
The site updates every Sunday and Wednesday - most updates are pics sets, but there seem to be 1 or 2 videos per month.
4.0 Honesty
The Hippie Goddess tour gives a very good idea of what this site is about and what to expect in the member area.
4.0 Presentation
If this had been a different site, I would have gone lower on this, but the site suits the content very well and everything is easy to find :)
4.0 Value
I've seen bigger sites for this price, but considering the amount of pic sets, frequency of updates and uniqueness of this content, I had to go for a 4.
4.0 Overall
Site rating, not an average.