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Gods Girls
Rating: 4.3
Review Added: 09-11-2008
Categories: goth
Review: Okay, I admit it - I think goth chicks are totally sexy. That's why I love Gods Girls! The site features all sorts of goth, punk and alt babes from amateurs to pro models, and there are plenty of girls here with piercings in their nipples, noses and pussies, tattoos, spiky hair and all sorts of looks. Of course, there's tons of pics of naked goth girls, teasing goth chicks, goth girls playing together - and the tour lets you browse every photo set. But what really stands out about this site is that the models don't just do a photo shoot, get paid and move on - many of the girls of Gods Girls are involved in the site.

The Gods Girls member home page is packied, but it's also easy to use. There are navigation links across the top of the page, latest updates, newest blog entries, links to the photographer and makeup artist pages. There are a couple ads on the left side of the page, and a link to the store in the middle, but otherwise everything is dedicated to content. There are no dates on the latest updates, but the site says it updates 4 times per day.

I decided to check out the galleries first, and after I spent some time counting and checking pages, I realized 2 things - one, that Gods Girls offers over 2600 photo sets, and two, that I wanted to stop counting and start checking out the pics.

The pics here are offered in 4 resolutions - small (450x675), medium (683x1024) and large (800x1200), and of course I decided to go with the large. Most of the pic sets are good quality, sharp and clear and with good lighting. Some were shot in less optimal conditions, or are shot in very artistic lighting, and those aren't always as good in quality. Still, everything looks good and the pics can be downloaded in zip files or watched as hands-free slideshows.

And this is where I tell you hot fucking HOT the pics and the chicks are. Most goth girl sites I see feature models posing in moody light and looking either pouty or dangerous. Gods Girls has more going on. Some girls are laughing, some are serious, there's all sorts of moods, all sorts of clothes and some great bodies. There's one set where one girl is pushing another down the street in a shopping cart, and they start getting naked and touching each other. Yum! Unlike actual porn sites, there's no real focus on pussy here, but there are plenty of girls who get naked and show off some pink.

I really liked the Gods Girls videos, but I really wished there were more of them. There are 20, all in MP4 format and you can either play them from your iTunes or just download each video from the site. Videos range from 320x240 to 640x426 with bitrates up to 1.5 Mbps. Most of the vids are good amateur quality with hot punk, alt or industrial music as well as posing, stripping and chat from the models.

Unlike other goth chick sites, Gods Girls offers a full-on community for members and the Gods Girls. After spending some time checking out the threads and posts in the forums, I realized I was having fun reading even though the threads were about things like how good pizza rolls are, religion and whether guys should start conversations in the restroom (only when using the sink, in most cases). There's also an entire section where members can talk about the Gods Girls - or to them, for that matter. There are even Men Only and Women Only forums, and you might be surprised how much chat happens in those sections - and the topics that the opposite sex discuses.

You can also read blogs - the site models often write their own on their home pages, and they're interesting and sexy to read. Or you can create your own home page and write your own blog. Members also get their own Gods Girls email box, so if you want you can email your friends from your own email address.

And one more feature is in the section called "Read". You'll find interviews with the models there, but that's not all. Members - and Gods Girls - can have their articles published in the site for members to read and enjoy. I had a blast there, and if you're into reading, it's definitely worth checking out.

The bottom line - I love Gods Girls. From the hot goth, punk and alt chicks to the over 2500 artistic and sexy photos, this site delivers. Okay, it doesn't deliver much actual porn, but it delivers plenty of goth tits and ass in creative scenarios. If you love creative, tattooed, pierced women, you'll love this site. And don't forget that the member area includes a busy forum and social networking, so you can read or write blogs and articles or talk to other members and the Gods Girls. On the downside, the site doesn't have many videos, although what they have, I liked - but there are only 20 right now. Still, if you love goth babes or the alternative lifestyle, ya gotta check out this site!
  • Exclusive content
  • Tons of real goth, punk and alt chicks
  • Huge pic section
  • Videos are downloadable
  • No DRM used
  • Very active forum, real social networking site inside member area
  • Site doesn't have many videos
  • If you're looking for hardcore porn, this isn't the site for you
Video Details: 20 exclusive videos in MP4 format, newer vids shown at 640x426, older ones at 320x240, bitrates up to 1.5 Mbps, good amateur quality, vids are offered as full scenes, videos are downloadable, no DRM used.
Pic Details: 2600+ exclusive photo sets, pics offered in choice of 3 sizes, largest size is around 800x1200, most of the pic sets are good quality, some are good amateur quality, slideshows and zip files are available.
Extras: Busy forum plus social networking features.
Issues: None.
Prices: $19.95 - 30 days recurring
$39.95 - 90 days recurring
$89.95 - 365 days non recurring
Site Chief Focus: Pictures
Score (out of 5) Description
4.0 Content Quality
The videos range from okay to good, pics look pretty good, too, although expect creative and quirky lighting - this IS a goth/punk/alt site, after all.
4.5 Content Quantity
While the site is light on videos, it has over 2500 exlusive pic sets, plus tons of user profiles and more stuff to read, do and enjoy.
4.0 Updates
The site says they offer 4 updates per day, although keep in mind that these are pic set updates. Also there are new blogs and articles every day, so there's always fresh stuff going on.
4.5 Honesty
The tour is not only honest but is mostly a mirror of the member area. It also lets you browse all the models and sets, so you can get a very good idea of the site before you join.
4.0 Presentation
A slick, nice looking site, maybe a little busy but it's easy to navigate and everything works. I'm not in love with the galleries on popup pages, but they worked pretty well.
4.0 Value
The monthly price is reasonable, especially considering the amount of pic sets and features this site has to offer. The 90 day and year prices are low enough to make the site a very good deal.
4.3 Overall
Site rating, not an average.