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CFNM Secret
Rating: 3.2
Review Added: 11-06-2008
Categories: group sex
Review: CFNM usually stands for "clothed female naked male", and CFNM Secret is the latest offering from the Reality Kings network, which is one of my favorites. The tour shows some very hot episodes with sexy women who keep their clothes on while the guys they are playing with end up totally naked. And the girls seem to have a blast playing with their nude guys. I like what I see, and as always with sites from this network, full members get access to the entire network!

Since CFNM Secret is a new site, it's not very big yet but the member area is easy to use and includes a search box. There are currently 8 exclusive videos, each with 2 sets of pics, and the site is so new that it hasn't actually had time to update yet. I'll check back in a couple weeks and let you know if they've been updating, but this network is pretty good about that so I expect we'll see more episodes.

Each of the videos can be downloaded as full scenes or clips in WMV format. The full scenes are slightly bigger, so I'd recommend them. They're shown at 720x480 with a bitrate of around 1.4 Mbps, and they're sharp, clear and play smoothly. Each scene is also offered in several downloadable parts as well as streaming parts and 1-minute clips in both WMV and MPG formats. There's an MP4 version of each video for your iPod or Quicktime player, but for some reason those wouldn't play for me.

Each video also comes with 2 sets of pics. For photo lovers, the pictures are sure to satisfy as they are good amateur quality digital stills shown at 900x600 that cover all the action. These pics can be downloaded in zipped files or browsed as thumbnail galleries. If you want to preview the videos, you can also browse a set of screencaps for each vid.

The episodes here definitely deliver the goods. Some very hot chicks stay dressed - although sometimes only in lingerie - while the men they play with get naked. The girls share the guys, treating them as sextoys as they use their mouths and cocks to satisfy. The guys seem to have a good time being used as sex objects (well, they ARE guys after all) and a good time is had by all.

CFNM Secrets get access to the entire Reality Kings network, which means 24 reality sites in a wide variety of niches from big tits to lesbian porn to big round asses. While there are no other CFNM sites offered, this is good content and definitely offers value for members.

No site is free of issues, and this one is no exception. Worth noting is the pre-checked offer on the join page, the fact that the trial rebills for a full $15 more per month than the price of the regular monthly membership and that I was unable to play the MP4s, although that issue could have been on my end.

If you're a CFNM lover, you'll be happy to know this site is the real thing. If you're new to CFNM, you'll enjoy watching these groups of horny babes as they stay dressed while playing with a naked man and using them to get off. CFNM Secret offers 8 full length good-quality downloadable videos, good quality photos and access to a large bonus network. While there aren't many movies here yet, they're mostly pretty long (30 minutes or so) so that it's not just wham, bam, thank you ma'am. The bottom line - if you're into CFNM content and don't mind smaller sites, CFNM Secret is definitely worth checking out!
  • Exclusive content
  • CFNM - intersting niche
  • Fastest download speeds I've ever seen
  • Videos are downloadable
  • No DRM used
  • Site allows 5 simultaneous downloads (maybe more)
  • Network offers 3 full updates every day
  • Site could use some growth
  • Ads can be mistaken for real content
  • Pre-checked offer on join page
  • Trial recurs at a full $15 more than regular monthly
  • I was unable to play MP4 videos
Video Details: 8 exclusive videos, best quality is the Download full WMVs, shown at 720x480 with 1.4 Mbps bitrate, good quality, videos also offered in 1 minute clips in WMV and MPG formats, videos are downloadable, no DRM used.
Pic Details: 8 exclusive pic sets corresponding to videos, pics shown at 900x600, good amateur quality or better, no slideshow offered, downloadable zip files available, 8 sets of vidcaps also offered.
Extras: 24 exclusive bonus sites.
Issues: Pre-checked offer on join page (although it is above the submit button), trial recurs at a full $15 more than regular monthly membership cost, I was unable to play MP4 videos.
Prices: $4.95 - 3 days recurring at $39.95
$24.95 - 1 month recurring
Site Chief Focus: Videos
Score (out of 5) Description
4.0 Content Quality
Content is good amateur quality, full scenes are sharp and clear and the pics aren't bad either.
2.0 Content Quantity
The site is brand new and offers 8 episodes, each with pics and videos.
3.5 Updates
The site is so new that it hasn't had time to update. Still, this network does tend to update their sites weekly. We'll check the site for updates in a couple weeks.
3.5 Honesty
While not giving a lot of detail, the tour doesn't mislead and shows pics from actual episodes.
3.0 Presentation
Site is easy to use and looks okay, but there are a couple ads that could maybe be mistaken for content.
3.0 Value
While the site is new - and small - the videos are long and good quality. I added a little extra to the score for the bonus content, which is not CFNM but is good stuff.
3.2 Overall
Site rating, not an average.