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Big Bush Beavers
Categories: hairy
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Preview: The tour of Big Bush Beavers shows off lots of furry, unshaved pussies. The chicks are hot, although many are girls I've seen in other sites. They're also hairy as the site name would make you hope for, although I did see a few chicks that seem to be trimmed rather than natural. As far as the tour promises, though, they're pretty generic - hours of videos, thousands of hairy bush photos. There's nothing really specific on the tour, though.

One thing I did notice is that there are 2 pre-checked offers on the join page, and both are for movie pass sites rather than hairy pussy sites. I suggest you read the offers and see if they're something that interests you before you hit the submit button.

Big Bush Beavers is scheduled for a full review!
Issues: 2 pre-checked offers on join page
Prices: $4.95 - 3 days recurring at $39.99 monthly

$39.99 - 1 month recurring